UTSU Proposal Status Remains Unclear

SGM Planning (Nov18th)

A proposal written by Khrystyna Zhuk was bought up for discussion in the last UTSU AGM(Annual General Meeting). This is the Appendix A proposal. This Proposal allows for EngSoc to keep their three directors on the board, and other professional faculties to keep their representatives as well to maintain the proportionality of students in their faculties to the members on the UTSU board. The professional faculties will also be able to hold their own elections for their representatives, which will allow them to market their platform to the relevant audience better.

One of the other important changes that the proposal has is the addition of a VP Professional Faculties. This person will be a full time student, working part-time for the UTSU as opposed to the other exec positions on the UTSU board. Those require that a student be part time, and work as a full time exec on the board. It also changes the position of VP campus life to an elected position.

A 2/3rd majority is required to ratify the proposal. At the AGM, the proposal still needed 100 votes to be ratified.

UTM is opposed to proposal A since another proposal (Appendix C proposal) allows them to have 8 directors on the board as opposed to their current 7 members. Appendix C however also reduces other Professional Faculty representatives to only one person and that is why the Appendix A proposal was introduced.

EngSoc also recently signed a fee diversion contract with the UTSU which gives 50% of the fees we pay to the UTSU to come back to EngSoc. The approval of the Appendix A proposal will make it very difficult for that contract to ever be repealed.

No outcome was reached during the UTSU AGM regarding this proposal, so another Special GM is going to be held on the 18thof Nov to vote on this.

UTSU has introduced a new online proxy system which goes live on the 6th Nov and will allow people to proxy their vote till the 16th Nov. One person will be allowed to hold 10 proxies at a time. So, incase someone is not able to make it to the SGM, but you would still like to get your voice heard, it is easier than before to do so. You can do so at Uoftvotes.ca.

Officially, Engsoc supports proposal A.

Note: A proxy involves giving up your vote to someone who you know will be going to the meeting.


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