UnERD 2015: From Abstracts to Networking

As we approach the end of the summer, UnERD (Undergraduate Engineering Research Day) is approaching us! For those who are not familiar with UnERD, it is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to present their engineering research that they have conducted over the summer and get valuable feedback from our own distinguished professors!
Started by Professor Grant Allen back in 2008, UnERD aims to provide an opportunity for all summer students in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto to share their summer research in a competitive event to their peers, professors and alumni across the Faculty. This year, co-chaired by Jennifer Chan (EngSci 1T5 + PEY) and Esther Jang (EngSci 1T7), the UnERD Planning Committee aims to “provide an opportunity not only to present undergraduate engineering research, but also to refine skills necessary for a researcher, from abstract writing to networking, and thus grow as a researcher as a whole”.
On July 7th, the UnERD Planning Committee organized an abstract writing workshop to help summer students learn how to write an abstract. “It was useful, especially the worksheet provided which is a rough guide to what I should be writing in the abstract” said one of over 50 students after this lecture-style workshop delivered by Professor Irish from the Engineering Communication Program.
Unlike previous years, besides the workshop, this year’s UnERD Planning Committee started a follow-up one on one session to further help students on abstract writing. “We want to provide more concrete, individualized help in writing abstracts as well as outside view from non-associates of research,” said Esther Jang. Besides research skills, providing networking opportunities for students and cross-faculty professors is another focus for this group.
This year, UnERD will be held on August 19th, 2015 at the Bahen Centre for Information Technology. On that day, participants will present their results in the form of a poster or podium presentation and be evaluated by an expert panel of judges. The top three winners will be able to get their research published in the STEM fellowship journal. All the students are also encouraged to come on that day to learn from their peers, as well as network with others.

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