U of T breaks ground on new Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The groundbeaking of the Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEIE) building, which is expected to open in 2017, was celebrated on the 24th of June, 2015.

The CEIE building will give a new dimension to the research sector of the U of T engineering faculty, providing the students, alumni and professors the means to work on projects, other collaborative tasks and challenges.

“The CEIE will allow us to take the next leap forward in the way we drive innovation, foster entrepreneurship and cultivate global engineering leaders”. said Cristina Amon , Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

The building will consists of several multidisciplinary research labs which will focus on areas robotics, mechatronics, etc, which were showcased by 12 interactive exhibits.

The groundbreaking was celebrated in high spirits by student leaders and students, who revealed that several aspects of the CEIE building are designed encourage the new generation of engineering leaders.

“The CEIE will help foster the best in entrepreneurial engineering and we will see many innovative and exciting solutions emerge.” said George Myhal, Chair of the Engineering Campaign Executive Committee.

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