The ROSI – ACORN Crusades: Which Side Are You On?

“Hasta la vista, ROSI”! It seems that we are in a position to stop having ROSI as our student web service as the university is switches gears from previously commonly used SWS (Student Web Service) system to ACORN (Accessible Campus Online Resource Network). Both systems serve as a platform where students can enrol in courses, check fees and finances and fulfill registration tasks. Designed to provide student with more convenient and personalized experience with online student services, ACORN is planned to replace SWS soon.

When compared to ROSI, several features have been incorporated into ACORN that make it more convenient. According to student feedback, one of the most attractive improvements is the enhanced course and program enrolment screens. ACORN also allows students to save course activities to a course planning cart prior to course enrolment. This enables students to enrol into courses at a click of button when course enrolment starts. The new enrolment screens also allows for course search by both course code and keyword with autocomplete results displaying after four characters. Another key characteristic of the new screens is that it gives proactive warnings regarding issues related to pre-requisite/co-requisites and overloading.

The new “Life” section is another major change. In this section, students can find important student services and programs on each campus. These services include housing services, international opportunities, job and career planning, as well as health, wellness and accessibility services. This encourages students to explore and use more of the resources available on campus for free.

A third noticeable change is that in ACORN, students get personalized notifications for upcoming important deadlines, prompts for required actions (such as paying fees) and notifications of actions occurring outside of the ACORN system (such as grades posted). These functions largely help students stay on top of things pertaining to their university life.

ACORN is also integrated with other complimentary online services and systems, such as Degree Explorer, Blackboard Portal, Co-curricular Record and the Career Learning Network.

ROSI, on the other hand, has been on for years before ACORN came live (June 2015). Upper year students may be more comfortable with the ROSI interface. Moreover, a lot of students were disappointed with the poor job ACORN did with course enrolment.

ACORN will replace ROSI within the next few months as new student web service. The two websites will co-exist for an approximately 6-month transition period and non-graduating students will need to get familiar with the new system eventually. It is good to learn that functionalities of ROSI are all been kept or redesigned in ACORN and new functionalities are added where helpful. Hopefully the more modern feel of ACORN along with additional features will provide students with a fresh enjoyable experience.

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