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The Engineering Athletics Association caps an eventful fall semester

This fall was quite the busy season for the Engineering Athletics Association (EAA), both on and off the field. A number of major competitions involving Skule teams took place throughout the semester and the news is mostly good: In a strong showing as usual, the Skule A men’s rugby team won the intramural finals on November 12, defeating Trinity College

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Engineering Tuition Increases by 5%

$13,620. That’s how much you’ll have to pay for school next year – that is, if you’re a domestic 1T9, 1T8, or 1T7. Lucky domestic 1T6’s will pay $390 less: a mere $13,230. International students, on the other hand, pay $43,540 if they’re 1T9’s, $41,560 if they’re 1T8’s, $39,670 if they’re 1T7’s, and $37,090 if they’re 1T6’s. Compared to last

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