Skule Arts Festival 2014

Ever heard the saying “Engineers can do art but artsci’s can’t engineer”?. I have to admit that I don’t know much about the latter but we engineers sure showed off our artistic talents at this year’s Skule Arts Festival!

If you walked by GB lobby, Bahen lobby, or the SF hallway beside SF1105 this past week, you would have surely noticed the collection of art pieces on display. From acrylic paintings and pencil sketches to everyday photos and digital art, the festival showcased a different side to engineering culture. Each day, there were different art pieces being showcased, and each day, there were people stopping by after classes to admire the artworks. In fact, there was even a paintlounge which offered a space for passing students to express their creative side. Each piece conveyed emotions that pushed us to question our decisions and to examine the details of our daily lives. As Thomas Merton puts it, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. On Friday last week, the Skule Arts Festival concluded with a silent art auction in GB lobby, which saw a great turnout. All proceeds were donated to Arts for Children and Youth, a charity organization which aims to provide children and youth in underprivileged communities with a hands-on, high quality arts education.

Sad that you missed the opportunity to participate in the auction? Don’t worry, the Skule Arts Festival will be back for another year in 2015!
Here is a taste of this year’s Skule Arts Festival:


By: Winnie Ma