Revamped RoboSub Set to Battle On the International Stage

The MDA team is looking to take the 18th Annual International RoboSub Competition by storm.

On July 20-26, the MDA team will compete at the United States Space And Naval Warfare Systems Command based in San Diego. Sponsored by the U.S office of Naval Research, the competition challenges participants to perform realistic underwater missions with robosubs.The competition is hosted by the AUVSI foundation for unmanned vehicales.

A redesigned sub is key behind this years entry.

“MDA has taken on the daunting challenge of completely overhauling and redesigning the club’s previous submarine, Aquatux… Now, MDA is showcasing SubZero, our new entry into the AUVSI RoboSub 2015 competition.“ says Jonathon Wong president of the student group.

This year’s team hopes to turn heads with their new design. Subzero is a culmination of a years worth of mechanical, electrical and software design.

Asked what his goals were for the competition, Jonathon responded

“Our goal for this competition is not to just match Aquatux in terms of success, but to surpass it, and at the very least demonstrate to the other teams what UofT is capable of. MDA has experienced unparalleled growth as a club and as a design team, and we expect to continue that trend for the years to come.”

The multidisciplinary group is set to compete with over 30 teams internationally including names such as McGill, CalTech & Cornell. Participants have come from universities from as far as Sweden, India and Russia.

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