It’s crime in UofT!   -University Tribunal Decisions 2014-2015

Have you ever heard of “impersonating” another student in order to graduate in his/ her name? Or completely forging a diploma? These sound like plotlines from a movie, these are real situations. You can see it in the records of Tribunal Decisions 2014-2015, University of Toronto. At the beginning of the school year, let’s go through some eye-popping academic offence records just to, ring an alarm.


1) After charged with several academic dishonesty charges which prevented the student from graduating, the student impersonated an actual graduate at the Convocation Ceremony, and even signed his signature on the “signature book” in place of the real graduate. This student is not the only one who tried to feign a qualification from UofT.


2) The second report is about a student who committed serious forgeries in order to get a job, without ever being a full time U of T student as she didn’t meet the school requirements. She deliberately forged items including transcripts, a signature from the dean of faculty of medicine, as well as the stamp for University of Toronto, to send to the company.


One thing you may wonder is that how professors found out about those poorly thought out crimes? Well, I would like to quote what my professor said during pre-class for froshes: “Just don’t do it. If you do it, we will find out.”The punishment awaiting these 2 is suspension under 5 years, including the possibility of expulsion from school.


[Quite reassuringly, the writer has not found any tribunal cases involving engineering students committing academic offences in 2014/2015. ]

You can read the exact tribunal cases at

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