EngSoc Emerges Victorious in UTSU AGM

A hotly contested board structure proposal was then put up for vote last night, and an overwhelming majority approved it. This solidifies the board structure, allows engineers to maintain their 4 representatives currently on the board and also introduces a new VP Professional Faculty who can be a full time student while being a part time UTSU representative so as to make being part of the UTSU more accessible for students of professional faculties such as ourselves. Overall, it was a win for Skule and the 70 students who came and the roughly 600 proxies that were presented show the power of engineering students when they come together for a cause.

The UTSU AGM part 2 happened Nov. 18 in the OISE. There were about 70 engineers in attendance most of whom had 11 proxies each. The vote was on the proposal of the board structure by Ben Coleman and seconded by Ryan Gomes.

This proposal had been brought up at the previous AGM as well but had not achieved a 2/3rd majority but neither did any other proposals, so the vote had to be conducted again. UTM was not in attendance today, as they chose to Skype in to the meeting but due to last minute room booking issues, this did not happen. The meeting started at 7PM and ended promptly at 10:30PM. Samosas were present, but ran out at about 9PM; “folks” was said about 500 times. And finally the first Bingo card was finished around 9:30PM. After the approval of the minutes, auditors and financial structure the board moved on to the approval of the proposal of the board structure.

An amendment was introduced that gave each department under the arts and science faculty a representative, while the engineers decided to abstain from this vote, it was approved.

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  1. The society plans and operates many student activities and services and operates the engineering stores, which supply students with most of their school supplies and instruments. In addition, it deals with matters of policy relating to student academic affairs, and has representation on the Faculty’s governing body, the Council and its working committees.

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