Engineers do fall in love…….(A fictitious love story)

“How will she feel when she see reads the letter? Will she even reply…?”, these were the thoughts in John’s mind as he kept staring at Kathy’s Facebook page.

It was fall, the frosh were excited to start their university life, and among them was Tim, an average looking shy guy, who had come to U of  T to fulfill his dreams of becoming an engineer. Little did he ever imagine that he would find someone who would make him feel different.
It was the first day of class, early morning 9 o’clock. Everyone had gathered in the convocation hall for the introductory class of APS 111. Tim was sitting with two of his friends, John and Michael. The new class was greeted by the dean. Tim was looking around, awed with the feeling of being surrounded by so many students. “Hey guys, going to this frosh event at 6 today, they will give free food..”, whispered John, “I am in!”, said Michael enthusiastically. “What about you”, asked John looking at Tim, “I don’t know…maybe not”, said Tim reluctantly. The class was nearly over, as everyone was getting out John asked him the reason, “I have to arrange my room this evening, everything is a mess”. “You’ll miss the fun bro”, said John as they were heading for the programming class.
As they pulled out their phones to check the timetable, Tim realized he had left his phone back in the hall. He ran back for his phone. Relieved to see his phone lying on the ground, he bent down and reached for it. As he turned back, he saw a girl pass by him. For some reason he couldn’t move his eyes off her. She was wearing a black skirt, her hair was long an untied, as she reached out for her bag, her hair partly covered her ocean blue eyes.”Kathy, are you coming….”, called one of her friends, “Yeah….got my bag”, Tim seemed to be lost in her voice, her eyes, in her. “Kathy….”, smiled Tim as he thought of her name.
“Hey are coming or not? “shouted Michael from the door, “How many people are coming this evening for the event”, asked Tim , “Most of the frosh, I guess”replied John. “Hmm…”, sighed Tim.
The day was quite short, only three lectures and no labs or tutorials, everyone was busy socializing, Tim decided to go the event in search of Kathy, but returned hopelessly.
A week had passed, classes and all the labs had started in full throttle. Tim never got another glimpse of Kathy though. It was Wednesday. Tim arrived early that day. He opened his lab book and started reading the instructions. 10 minutes later most of the students were in the lab. “Hey ready for easy marks…the TAs are really good I heard”, said John as he settled down. And then Tim saw Kathy walk in. He kept staring at her as she moved towards the back. She saw her smile as she met her friends, and for some reason started smiling himself. “Yo, go and bring the resistors, we don’t have time”, said John excitedly. Tim seemed to be oblivious and only paid attention to her. “Dude, are you going or not”, totally irritated by Tim, John went for the resistors himself.”Now start doing the experiment! “said John angrily. After an hour, John asked Tim to confirm the values of the potential drop across a given resistor with other students. Tim went around asking the values and then went to Kathy’s station. “Yes?…”asked Kathy with a smile.  Tim was lost, he didn’t know what to say. He somehow controlled himself and said “Voltage….umm..I mean voltage drop…hmm..across the 10K ohm resistor…”. He just kept staring at her as she replied, not listening to what she said. Everything in the lab seemed vague. He only saw her eyes. He was in love.
“Timmie….come fast dude..we have a lab to finish”, shouted John as he took the values down. Tim with a smile on his face walked towards the station.”So what’s the value they got”, asked John,”Huh?..”,stared Tim .”What is wrong with you bro “asked John in a shock. “I don’t know man….I guess I am in love”, said Tim. “Fall in love later….lets get marked”, said John in a rush.
The lab was over. John got to know that Tim felt for Kathy. He let him know that Kathy was his team member for APS 111 and decided to introduce them during lunch. That was the first time he got to personally talk to Kathy. Days passed by; soon they become friends and chatted occasionally.
“So did you tell her what do you feel about her”. asked Michael as he yawned in the APS 111 lecture. “Not really, we chat on Facebook  sometimes, thats it….”. Give her a letter man….write all your feelings in it”, advised John,”Thats so old fashion yo.” said Michael with a disgust,” propose her online, be brave”. “No use man, she is not going to say yes”, said John with grief.
Later that day Tim was getting impatient. He decided to propose her. He took out a piece of paper from his notebook and kept writing. Unsatisfied with it, he scrambled the paper. This kept going on for hours, at last he just wrote down ‘I love you, Kathy’.
The very next day, at the end of all the classes, he decided to give the letter to her. “Kathy, hmm… it..hmm.. when you get home”, saying so he left quickly from that place. He felt relieved, but unsure about what was going to happen next.
A month had passed by then midterms terms were about to start. Everyone was busy preparing for the tests. Tim was still waiting for her reply. He kept reading the messages he had sent to Kathy and stared at her Facebook page, hoping she will reply to his letter soon.
It was again 9 o’clock in the morning. Attendance in the APS class was low as usual.
Few came for participation marks and others for sleep, and there was Tim eagerly waiting for his reply.
As everyone was leaving after the class, Tim eagerly wanted to go and talk to her, but something stopped him. He put his head down and decided to leave. As he did so, Kathy called out for him,”Tim….”. He turned back to see Kathy with the same letter he gave to her. She smiled, gave back the letter to him and left the room. He watched her leave and kept staring at the letter, not knowing what to do. He put the letter in his pocket and decided to move on.

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