Engineering Tuition Increases by 5%

$13,620. That’s how much you’ll have to pay for school next year – that is, if you’re a domestic 1T9, 1T8, or 1T7. Lucky domestic 1T6’s will pay $390 less: a mere $13,230. International students, on the other hand, pay $43,540 if they’re 1T9’s, $41,560 if they’re 1T8’s, $39,670 if they’re 1T7’s, and $37,090 if they’re 1T6’s.

Compared to last year, all tuition fees have increased by 5%, except for domestic 1T6’s; their tuition has only increased by 4%. Interestingly enough, that’s the provincial limit on tuition increase – 5% for domestic students in professional programs (engineering is included) who entered in or after the 2013-2014 year, and 4% for those before. The Provincial Tuition Framework does not regulate tuition fees for international students, which is why it’s a pleasant surprise that the international students’ fees are increasing at the provincial limit. 

For those who are still confused, tuition fees are based on what year you enter university and what faculty you’re in, for domestic students. Each year, your tuition can increase by up to the provincial limit, which is set every four years. The current limit is actually lower than what it was previously; the cap went from 8% to 5%, for professional programs, and 5% to 3%, for undergraduate programs. (ArtSci undergrad tuition fees are, indeed, only increasing by 3% a year, and their fees are, indeed, only $6,220.)

Additionally, if you repeat a year, you will be paying the fees of your cohort group rather than the fees of those who are in the year; for example, if you’re a 1T6 taking third year with 1T7s, you’d be paying the fees that 1T6s pay rather than what 1T7s pay (that’s a good thing!).

The university, from observation, increases the tuition each year by the provincial limit, so you can reliably calculate what your tuition will be in the years that you spend in this world-class institution.

If it’s any consolation, tuition fees are in part calculated based on future income prospects of graduates: “Fee levels should be relatively higher in programs for which the future income prospects of graduates are relatively higher.” ArtSci domestic undergrads will be paying $6,220. Skule domestic undergrads will be paying $13,620. The Ontario Government expects us to be making that much more than our ArtSci counterparts. How much that actually is? Well, you can do the math.

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