Engineering Soccer League – Midseason Recap

We are more than halfway through the season and definite contenders have carved themselves a clear road to the playoffs. The rankings below show the hierarchy in the league based on points.

Remember that it’s not too late to join the league! Talk to your discipline clubs and sports directors for more information.






They are already the best team in the league standings wise even though they’ve missed easy shots and opportunities due to a lack of focus. A very disciplined and passing oriented team, their controlled aggression resulted in a well-deserved no. 1 ranking and the highest scoring games in the league.



Owner of the best point differential in the league (+15), Chem’s unbridled intensity and smart shot taking is unmatched. While their passing and team chemistry (HA!) can be improved, their status as a legitimate contender is inarguable.



EngSci’s vaunted high pressure defense coupled with great possession control puts them at no. 3 in the rankings.  If their shot making improves over the second half of the season, watch out.



They counter quickly and have a great feel and understanding with positioning on both sides of the ball. 4 missed penalties really hurt them in the standings, but a focused Civ team will put a scare on anyone.



ECE involves everyone on both sides of the ball, conforming to the spirit of the league. However, their finishing leaves much to be desired and they could also take advantage of using the walls more. If they figure these issues out, they could shoot up the standings.



Possibly the most creative team in the league, their dribbling exhibitions might end up someday on YouTube. This doesn’t translate to winning however as they struggle to control the possession and clearing the ball on defense.



Another team with more style than substance, their flashy dribbling and passing will please their fans but their non-existent defense and controversial coaching decisions should make them look forward to next year when they can finally play for their respective disciplines.



An underachieving team who have contorted the walls of Hart House as their own personal hockey rink, MSE uses the boards and fore-checking to its fullest. Their biggest issue is player turnout. While they may be long shots to catch up to the leaderboard, an improved attendance will definitely boost their team.



A defensively oriented team, they force their opponents to play at their tempo. Their offense and passing needs work however. Their place in the standings doesn’t tell the whole story as scheduling disputes with other teams resulted in their lack of points. They’ll be better in the second half of the season.