ECE Soccer wins closely contested game over MSE

November 10, 2014

ECEs quick spurt of goals wins them a closely contested game over MSE.

The game started with both teams bringing their best defensive effort as neither team was able to break through and score a goal in the first half.

Both teams came out firing though, as a multitude of shots hitting the post and the crossbar signalled that perhaps the defensive coverages were solved. It did not take too long for MSE to score however, as they drew first blood, 1-0.

And then ECE stepped on the pedal, scoring 4 goals in just 3 minutes. ┬áIt was a combination of both MSE’s defensive lapses as well as ingenious scoring by ECE.

MSE became more aggressive, as they won a penalty shot because of ECE blocking a shot in the crease. However, MSE’s shot hit the post. Still 4-1 for ECE.

The intensity only picked up from there as both teams traded two goals each by the end of the game. ECE won with a final score of 6-3.

Captain Russell Todd had this to say about the game: “Overall it was a hard fought game that could have gone either way with a few lucky bounces.”

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