Developing a Food-Less Diet

Do you feel like you’re wasting  the daily time and effort you spend eating? Software engineer Rob Rhinehart did. He then developed a suitable food substitute. It ended up as a thick, odorless liquid that looks like pancake mix, which he called ‘Soylent’.

He’s already spent a month without any solid food, living solely on 2.5 litres of Soylent a day. And he claims that he felt immediate benefits including:
– Having more energy
– Fat loss
– Muscle gain
– Better sleep
– Whiter teeth
– Looking younger

Currently, he’s recruited a handful of volunteers to test his food-less diet. Interestingly, feedback has been split by gender. Male volunteers have reported back positively, feeling many of the benefits Rhinehart felt, as well as increased mental capacity (as quantified by However, female volunteers  reported feeling left hungry by the diet.

Rhinehart made Soylent by combining the raw form of all substances the body needs to survive and adding additional beneficial substances. He carefully measured each substance to make sure he didn’t create a substance that would poison him. Initially, he forgot to add iron, and on the third day he felt a significant lack of energy and had cravings for red meats. But now he says the composition is complete.

He’s experimented by mixing in nootropics, which are known to be intelligence and concentration enhancing drugs. These made him feel like he was in a more wired, productive state and said, ‘when coding it seemed like the lines would write themselves.’

Other than this addition of nootropics, Soylent is not completely revolutionary. It’s similar to supplements designed for soldiers during World War II, and what patients eat via feeding tubes. These medical liquid based diets are prohibitively expensive and inaccessible for common people looking to make the switch. Soylent on the other hand costs $150 a month, and all its materials are easily available.

Because of this, Soylent might become important. There is resentment of the huge amounts of time, money, and effort needed to keep a moderately healthy diet, and its causing significant interest in Rhinehart’s Soylent. He plans to keep up with it by starting a Kickstarter campaign for Soylent soon and, if funded, begin larger production.

Soylent could then become the diet of choice for many needing that extra time in their day. And in a few years time, we might even be seeing Soylent powder on a Hard Hat Cafe rack.

By Maged Ahmed- Writer 
Published on March 25, 2013

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