Competitions: It is not always about winning

In a multitude of social beings, there is no one who can declare himself/herself as the “Jack of all trades”. Skills are acquired in the process of learning. A competition is a quintessential opportunity which enables an individual to test his/her potential at a larger scale and to attain more practical experience that later helps in enhancing those acquired skills. A perfect example could be given by quoting Walt Disney “I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it” .
Every year, various competitions are being held in the engineering faculty of the St. George campus. These Skule competitions not only provide a platform for the students to showcase their talents and skills, but also elevates their thirst to thrive.
The following is a short list of a few popular Skule competitions:

The University of Toronto Engineering Kompetitions (UTEK)

It is an annual event (held in the month of January) that offers undergraduate engineering students to participate in one of six competitions from the following categories namely, Junior and Senior Design, Innovative Design, Consulting, Programming, Communication, Debate.

It provides a platform for the students to develop their communication, design and teamwork skills. Above all it offers students an opportunity to network with professors and alumni.

Other benefits of acing the competition include qualifying for the  Ontario Engineering Competitions (OEC) and the Canadian Engineering Competitions (CEC).

Further details could be found in their website:


ASME Skule Engineering Competitions 

These competitions are held by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME) Chapter at University of Toronto.
In the year 2014, teams from post-secondary education institutions all over Ontario were invited to participate in the following competitions:

1) Design Competition

2) Oral Presentation

3) Technical Poster Design

4) Webpage Design

These competitions required the students to apply their skills and in return gain practical experience in design and communication.

As of 2014, rewards of winning these competitions included cash prizes unto $400, and specially for the top placing U of T student(s) in each category a chance to get sponsored by the ASME U of T section for the consecutive rounds in the competition.

More details about the competition could be found in this link:


Skule’s Got Talent

Engineers, you got talent? If yes, then this competition is for you. This is an annual talent contest where engineers at Skule get an opportunity to get involved and showcase their talents.

The recent Skule’s Got Talent Final Show was held on April 2, 2015 in the SF Atrium.

The photographs and link to the videos of various shows can be obtained from this website:


Competitions play a very important role in a student’s life, helping him/her to learn and evolve constantly. Participating in a competition is more important than winning it, as it shows their interest and desire to try out something innovative. The notion of victory is less important than the desire of being involved. Motivate yourself to compete and remember “Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday. Be your own competition”.

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