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Engineering Tuition Increases by 5%


$13,620. That’s how much you’ll have to pay for school next year – that is, if you’re a domestic 1T9, 1T8, or 1T7. Lucky domestic 1T6’s will pay $390 less: a mere $13,230. International students, on the other hand, pay $43,540 if they’re 1T9’s, $41,560 if they’re 1T8’s, $39,670 if they’re 1T7’s, and $37,090 if they’re 1T6’s. Compared to last

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Food Journey in the UTSG Campus


When you first stepped foot on campus, where were the first places you wanted to explore? To me, they were the classes I would be taking lecture in and the places to eat (…not that I’m always thinking of food). As an engineering student, most of our time is taken by classes and school work, but having a delicious meal

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Competitions: It is not always about winning

In a multitude of social beings, there is no one who can declare himself/herself as the “Jack of all trades”. Skills are acquired in the process of learning. A competition is a quintessential opportunity which enables an individual to test his/her potential at a larger scale and to attain more practical experience that later helps in enhancing those acquired skills. A perfect example could

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Don’t Know Where to Eat? Eat Here!

One of the most essential, yet often the most overlooked, pieces of knowledge for a university student is that of where to get a good meal within reasonable walking distance to campus. You laugh, but we’ll see who’s laughing when you’re staring at your fifth bowl of instant noodles in two days wondering how your life got to this point.

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Dean’s Townhall


The Dean’s Town got off to a rough start, but was ultimately a good showing. A double booking lead to a relocation to Sandford Flemming Basement whereupon Food was laid out in the Communication office. The event was then split into the AMA (Ask me Anything) session in the Pit with acting dean Brenda McCabe, and the academic discussion with

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Start-up Hub: “Get Your Hands Dirty”


The energy at the MaRS Discovery District on Friday, January 30th was distinct and unique, reflecting the event’s location in the expansive start-up core. You’re Next Career Network (YNCN) Startup Hub’s Startup Career Expo 2015 buzzed with the excitement, bringing over 70 startup businesses together to share the results of their vision, determination, and risks taken over the years. There

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You’re Next Career Network’s 2015 Fair


Large crowds of sharply dressed students walking towards a common destination usually mean one of two things, that there is a) a party somewhere, or b) somebody looking to hire students (aka a chance for poor students to get paid). The latter was the case on January 16th. The You’re Next Career Network (YNCN) opened its doors to the You’re

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