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The Inside Perspective on Group Midterms

One aspect of university all engineers experience is midterm tests and examinations. Generally, students tend to either be indifferent to these evaluations or despise them, and math midterms are often some of the most polarizing. However, progress has been made towards making math evaluations both more fun and more applicable to real world problem solving. Since 2011, the University of

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Commuting in Toronto: an Analysis

By Ahnaf Ferdous With a population of around 2.8 million people in Toronto proper, and 6 million across the GTA, there’s no question that Toronto is the most populous and one of the fastest growing cities in Canada; from 2011 to 2016, there was a 4.46% increase in population. During that same period, hardly any transit projects, service improvements or increases

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Certificate in Forensic Engineering

In 2011, UofT Professor Doug Perovic started teaching the first-of-its-kind forensic engineering course in Canada. 6 years later, it has now developed into something much bigger. Engineering students can now earn a Certificate in Forensic Engineering, another big step for the university and the engineering community. What exactly is forensic engineering? The field has evolved a lot since its inception

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Toronto Through Food

For the final issue of the year, I wanted to do something different with this column. I’ve written about the best places to get burritos, cheap eats, and decadent dinners, but this time I’ll be examining my relationship with Toronto through the food that I eat. Food and Toronto have both led me to some of my lowest lows, but

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Women in Engineering

Dean Amon - "Boundless opportunities to address the world's most pressing challenges"

In honour of the International Day of the Girl, we present to you some of the women in engineering saying what being a woman in engineering means to them (and an important reminder from your VP Academics). As of 2015, women account for 30.6% of undergraduate engineering students at UofT. The complement of female faculty members has more than doubled

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In a world dominated by fast food…

When I first walked in this new tea store, the most striking aspect was the wall of large black and white paintings that were hung against a flush red wallpaper. The paintings are of people’s faces, but the most striking details were embedded in the eyes, through which, with their mouths closed shut, they ever so softly cry out. It

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The Booth & Bottle Project: When Engineering Prowess and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Cross Paths

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Too often do we get lost in the daily grind – stuck with our heads down, window shoppers in a fast-paced, high-stress environment. As all engineers can attest to, sometimes the hardest part has nothing to do with passing an exam, and a lot to do with seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. One of the greatest

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Picking The Mind of Bernardo Brando Albino Galvao de Sousa


One of the best known professors of mathematics for engineering students is Professor Galvao de Sousa. Despite only lecturing for a short time, he already coordinates classes for every discipline, and teaches students from almost every year. Almost every student knows his courses to be particularly challenging, especially with calculus II. It’s not uncommon for first years to hear words

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