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Advice from Sandro Young, the top student in UofT

Sandro Young graduated last summer from the department of Electrical and Computer engineering and received the Governor General’s Silver Medal award. This award is Canada’s most prestigious academic medal given to the top performing student across the entire university, and has been awarded to the likes of Pierre Trudeau, Tommy Douglas, and Kim Campbell. Sandro, …

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The Inside Perspective on Group Midterms

One aspect of university all engineers experience is midterm tests and examinations. Generally, students tend to either be indifferent to these evaluations or despise them, and math midterms are often some of the most polarizing. However, progress has been made towards making math evaluations both more fun and more applicable to real world problem solving. …

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Certificate in Forensic Engineering

In 2011, UofT Professor Doug Perovic started teaching the first-of-its-kind forensic engineering course in Canada. 6 years later, it has now developed into something much bigger. Engineering students can now earn a Certificate in Forensic Engineering, another big step for the university and the engineering community. What exactly is forensic engineering? The field has evolved …

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