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Social Services Engineering: an Interview with Prof. Mark Fox

Throughout his career, Prof. Mark S. Fox has contributed to the creation of many academic units. In his early career, he was a founding member of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and the founding director of the Institute’s Intelligent Systems Laboratory. Then, here at the University of Toronto, he played a major role in designing the current Industrial

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Certificate in Forensic Engineering

In 2011, UofT Professor Doug Perovic started teaching the first-of-its-kind forensic engineering course in Canada. 6 years later, it has now developed into something much bigger. Engineering students can now earn a Certificate in Forensic Engineering, another big step for the university and the engineering community. What exactly is forensic engineering? The field has evolved a lot since its inception

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The Big Picture: How Machine Learning is Becoming an Irreplaceable Part of Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

How is machine learning (ML) impacting the field of medical imaging today, and what does it have to offer to the field of diagnostic medicine? Medical imaging and diagnostics is a vital field of medicine, which includes many imaging modalities used to image parts of the human body to provide diagnoses and treatments of disease. Techniques using MRI, (PET)-CT/MRI, and

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Don’t Panic but You’re Being Watched: Policy Issues of Big Data

Collect everything. That seems to be the dominant philosophy in Big Data, a field whose imposing name commands fear in many. With more sophisticated computing resources and techniques to gather information being introduced each passing year, it has overhauled multiple fields. Even your favourite sports team is probably running through mountains of numbers behind closed doors to ensure they don’t

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The Booth & Bottle Project: When Engineering Prowess and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Cross Paths

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Too often do we get lost in the daily grind – stuck with our heads down, window shoppers in a fast-paced, high-stress environment. As all engineers can attest to, sometimes the hardest part has nothing to do with passing an exam, and a lot to do with seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. One of the greatest

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Revamped RoboSub Set to Battle On the International Stage

The MDA team is looking to take the 18th Annual International RoboSub Competition by storm. On July 20-26, the MDA team will compete at the United States Space And Naval Warfare Systems Command based in San Diego. Sponsored by the U.S office of Naval Research, the competition challenges participants to perform realistic underwater missions with robosubs.The competition is hosted by

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UnERD 2015: From Abstracts to Networking


As we approach the end of the summer, UnERD (Undergraduate Engineering Research Day) is approaching us! For those who are not familiar with UnERD, it is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to present their engineering research that they have conducted over the summer and get valuable feedback from our own distinguished professors! Started by Professor Grant Allen back in

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U of T breaks ground on new Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship


The groundbeaking of the Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEIE) building, which is expected to open in 2017, was celebrated on the 24th of June, 2015. The CEIE building will give a new dimension to the research sector of the U of T engineering faculty, providing the students, alumni and professors the means to work on projects, other collaborative

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Project Voyager Showcase at the Starship Congress


Project Voyager, an innovative team made up entirely of UofT students, and run by a SKULE alum associated with Icarus Interstellar is developing its alpha phase of software development this week, and general development will be continuing through the year. An early version of the software will be showcased at Icarus Interstellar’s Starship Congress this September in Philadelphia. The showcase will reveal more

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