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I hope most people see where I’m going with this before being quick to dismiss what I’m trying to get across. Last Monday, a grand jury found that Darren Wilson should not be criminally charged for the shooting of Michael Brown. Understandably, the town of Ferguson, and much of the Internet, exploded with rage. You might agree that most of

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From UTP to 256 McCaul

Students working in the former UTP club space

The student club space known as UTP (an out of date term that stands for U of T Print, the former use of the building being a print shop) located at 245 College Street, is now slated for demolition in October. As a result, all equipment owned by engineering clubs and design teams has to be moved out to a

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Imagine Learning Without Suffering


Have you ever asked yourself “Why do most students abhor school?” or “Does school, especially at the post-secondary level, really teach anything to students?” or “What is the whole purpose of real learning and are today’s schools fulfilling that purpose?” In this complicated world that we call home, a world filled with dark pasts, politics, rigid norms, and corruption, the

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Why you should go to the National Business and Technology Conference


The Nspire Innovation Network will be hosting its 13th annual National Business and Technology Conference (NBTC) this coming Friday and Saturday, March 21st – 22nd. Nspire is the student-run non-profit organization at UofT and other schools that looks to foster entrepreneurship in young Canadians. In light of this opportunity, we’ve decided to write up a list of why you, an undergrad

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A Reflection on Rob Ford and Professional Conduct


What do lies, vulgarity, and crack have in common? None of them have a proper place in professional conduct. It comes as no surprise then, that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s admission of smoking crack cocaine has sparked outcries amongst Torontonians. Ford’s admission to the use of crack cocaine comes alongside disturbing video of the mayor spewing obscenities during a drunken

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Why Do Students Have To Abhor School?


I ask: Why does education have to be stressful? Remember, challenge does not mean stress. Stress is a poison that can ruin a life. More than feeling challenged, many students feel restricted, jailed, and unhappy with life in this education system. Isn’t education meant to be an exhilarating path to enlightenment and wisdom? The pressure of exams, a restricted curriculum,

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