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It’s crime in UofT!   -University Tribunal Decisions 2014-2015

Have you ever heard of “impersonating” another student in order to graduate in his/ her name? Or completely forging a diploma? These sound like plotlines from a movie, these are real situations. You can see it in the records of Tribunal Decisions 2014-2015, University of Toronto. At the beginning of the school year, let’s go through some eye-popping academic offence

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Make the Most of Your ArtSci Electives

Arts and Science electives are the backbone of an engineering education! Okay, not really, but they can absolutely make your education more enriching. In my opinion, there are many reasons to take an HSS (humanities and social science) elective, aside from the fact that you have to in order to get all your credits; I’ll give you four.   First

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Winning the Hatchery in 3 steps

The Hatchery at U of T; where startups are created, money is won and entrepreneurial mindset is fostered. Pick any business owner and ask them how they became successful. They will say hard work. Now, you are a bright student who wants to start a business, don’t nod at hard work like it’s real advice. Going to work doesn’t make

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Prefrosh 1T5: Same Old Spirit, Same Old Reaction

Explosions, smoke, screaming, chanting. The sights and sounds of Prefrosh 1T5 brought back fond memories of my first run-in with Skule just over a year ago, at the Prefrosh 1T4 event. It was an eye-opening experience; I was swept into the frenzy of engineering chants and felt so at home. For reasons beyond my understanding (read: none), I decided to

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Letter from the Editor

When someone says “The Cannon”, what comes to mind? An eclectic sampling of student writings? Factual, boring, stuffy?  While we might be the more serious of the two newspapers Skule has, describing us as boring couldn’t be further from the truth. Past editors have taken it in many different directions, whether it be a factual report of current events, student

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