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How to get a summer research position

Summer research positions are a great way to show concrete evidence of your competence within your undergraduate education, as well as expand your overall learning experience. After speaking to Professor Paul Santerre and Professor Alison McGuigan, I’ve curated their advice to help you be successful in attaining your next research position! The general mechanics of getting a summer placement is

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The 2015 Godiva Hymn Contest: Time to leave a sexist, non-inclusive past behind

Say goodbye to Godiva’s Hymn as you know it. The beloved and revered Skule™ anthem is in the process of receiving a revamp, thanks to the Engineering Society-hosted “2015 Godiva Hymn Contest.” Over the past month, students and alumni of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering had the opportunity to create and submit new verses to be added to

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It’s crime in UofT!   -University Tribunal Decisions 2014-2015

Have you ever heard of “impersonating” another student in order to graduate in his/ her name? Or completely forging a diploma? These sound like plotlines from a movie, these are real situations. You can see it in the records of Tribunal Decisions 2014-2015, University of Toronto. At the beginning of the school year, let’s go through some eye-popping academic offence

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Make the Most of Your ArtSci Electives


Arts and Science electives are the backbone of an engineering education! Okay, not really, but they can absolutely make your education more enriching. In my opinion, there are many reasons to take an HSS (humanities and social science) elective, aside from the fact that you have to in order to get all your credits; I’ll give you four.   First

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