Skule “News”

Western Car On the day of our DisOrientation event during F!rosh week, we were surprised to find a car wrapped around our beautiful sword in the stone. Within half an hour the car was dismantled and our beloved sword was free to breathe once again. Disorientation occured without any other incidents. The car was a …

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2014 World News – A Year in Review

In 2014, we witnessed both dramatic and subtle changes in relations between international entities. The Ukrainian crisis has been in the spotlight since the beginning of 2014; evoked by the suspension of Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement preparation by President Viktor Yanukovych, numerous Euromaidan opponents pushed the nation into predicament. In February, President Yanukovych was ousted, …

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Skule News at a Glance

SAC Board Structure Shot Down If you had heard about the SAC’s proposed board structure change, you’ll probably be happy to hear it was not passed. The change would have shifted student representation from being divided between the different colleges within U of T, to having representatives of each ethnicity within the U of T …

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