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The Wild Human

Nature to us often appears a mere escape from life. So does family. And religion. It’s almost as though the occupation with anything that doesn’t make money or result in immediate reward is unnecessary for a prosperous and happy life. However, when we finally make that time to embrace the essence of true life and meaning, we do it on

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Ghanaian Portrait Style

I approached my placement in Ghana with Engineers Without Borders in summer 2011 with an open heart and an open mind. One of my observations was that there was a stark contrast in living standards between the northern and southern parts of Ghana. Overwhelmed by the prevailing inequality, I found myself resting under a mango tree to reflect, while escaping

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Who do we love? ARTSCIES!

Who do we hate? ARTSCIS!!!! From my first day at the University of Toronto, my ego was made to inflate as I stood on front campus and sang along with more than nine hundred fellow engineers-to-be: “Who do we hate? Artscis!” Who are these, we’ve all once asked? Well, the University of Toronto Undergraduate Department consists of two Faculties; the

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The Launch of a New Section: Arts and Culture!

We are excited to announce the launch of The Cannon’s newest section, the Arts & Culture section! In line with The Cannon’s mission to serve the engineering community at the University of Toronto, we think it’s time we introduce a section dedicated to highlighting the engineering student’s significance beyond the field of engineering and industry. We realize that the awesome

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