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Painting in Red


Golden light sprinkled inside a room located at the top floor of a wooden house that was well concealed behind thick pine trees. The house thrived in isolation, untouched and unvisited by any other humans except for its inhabitants. Theodor Williams squirmed in his bed as light fell on his eyelids. A seven-year-old, intelligent and self-sufficient boy was very comfortable

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Engineers: Building with Words

Power of Words

Most engineering students are accustomed to building and constructing using materials, chemicals, and/or electrical signals.  Some engineering students enjoy exploring their creative side by building and constructing using words.  In Creative Writing workshops offered twice a year by the Engineering Communication Program (ECP), students create poems, short stories, scripts and literary non-fiction, often inspired by their experiences studying engineering. Instructor Laura

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Sahara Desert by luxuryplaces (10)

Day 1: I regret everything. They told me it wasn’t worth it, but I didn’t listen. My ego wanted it so bad. “Are you stupid?! A solo trip across the Sahara is insane!” “Kayla, it’s 2033. Maybe it would’ve been trouble in Einstein’s time, but with today’s technology, it’ll be a snap.” Yeah, I could’ve just flown or taken the shuttle.

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Static Motion in Science and Art


A commentary on Ai Weiwei’s exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario At the Ai Weiwei exhibit recently on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario, I was fascinated by the portrayal of static motion in a number of artworks.  Although the term static motion is an oxymoron, I intend to convey just that; Ai Weiwei’s oxymoronic representation of a dynamic process, often

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Two Sharks

Photo by Karen Glaser,

My man and I We live for the thrill We stalk and we hunt Then swoop in for the kill I lace up my  boots Touch finger to blade Watch it gleam as I think Of the progress we made He pulls on his black jacket Leather and worn out Runs a hand over stubble And watches me pout With

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Giving Up


I have a never-give-up attitude; always have, always will. Never has a moment gone by when I have given up on something that has meant a lot to me… until recently. For the past year, I have been chasing a lost cause. It was something that I cared about more than anything. I got so caught up in it that I

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Gisele & Rick


She said, “Find yourself a sailor, ‘Cause he’s been out to sea. He spends his days alone with men Then sails right home to me.” He said, “Find yourself a nurse, ‘Cause she’s been with the ill. Her days are with the old and sick So come back to me, she will.” She told me, “Never love a painter, For,

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Who Could Resist Literary Non-fiction?


In 2011, the Engineering Communication Program (ECP) piloted two creative writing workshops on poetry and literary non-fiction for interested engineering students.  I had become a fan of literary non-fiction when I used this approach to write a memoir about my father’s creation of the first Italian restaurant in Calgary, Alberta. My goal was to introduce others to this creative genre whereby literary techniques are applied to

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