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Competitions: It is not always about winning

In a multitude of social beings, there is no one who can declare himself/herself as the “Jack of all trades”. Skills are acquired in the process of learning. A competition is a quintessential opportunity which enables an individual to test his/her potential at a larger scale and to attain more practical experience that later helps in enhancing those acquired skills. A perfect example could

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Indetermination/ Extermination

  say language was the wrong response definition the converse solution with origins in the pronounced miscomprehension of existence sentenced without expression   vernacular may merely be a mutant variant evolved synonymously with the communal cryptic intuition that labels enable manipulation   we consume cubic volumes of happiness, tuck thermometers under lovesick tongues, evaluate melancholy in so many secretive tears,

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Re: Solo

This piece is an anonymous follow-up to Solo. Day 1: Today was the first day that he hadn’t checked in. Every morning, as the purples and blues bloomed in the sky, I anxiously wait in front of the computer. The steaming mug of English Breakfast remains undisturbed until there is a ping, and then a second. He always sends me an

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An old bike. Something not quite rusty, but wears an aged paint. Greyed by a lifetime of dusty garages and the sunlight of days like today. The tires smooth, only three or four of the gears are working. You weave off down the packed dirt road, the first few turns an act of remembering the steps to the dance. The

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Lighting Up Skule Nite

The Cannon’s Maddy White interviews Savannah White and Anna Hankinson, the co-directors of Lighting for Skule Nite  2014. Skule Nite is going on this week, from Wednesday March 12th to Saturday March 15th. The show is almost sold out, so get your tickets soon! C: So you guys are the co-directors of the lighting department for Skule Nite. Was this

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“It’s good to see you! Come in, have a seat, and make yourself comfortable,” said Dr. Friedlander, holding the door open for his next patient. A young man of eighteen years walked in and seated himself on the couch opposite the doctor’s chair. He sported black and white formal attire from head to toe, and wore a solemn look of

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