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Revamped RoboSub Set to Battle On the International Stage

The MDA team is looking to take the 18th Annual International RoboSub Competition by storm. On July 20-26, the MDA team will compete at the United States Space And Naval Warfare Systems Command based in San Diego. Sponsored by the U.S office of Naval Research, the competition challenges participants to perform realistic underwater missions with robosubs.The competition is hosted by

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The Raptors at Point Guard and Centre

The one and five spots are often the most important pieces of a winning ball club. Today, I’m going to take a look at how the Raptors’ Lowry and Valanciunas are faring. As of Nov. 25, our Raps are 6-7 and fourth in the East, an encouraging sight for playoff contention. I feel a big reason for our success is

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United We Frosh, Divided We Grow?

Nothing says that Skule is about to start any better than an army of purple frosh parading around campus. The cheers, the dye, the cannon fire: all of it brings in a new generation of engineers to U of T. Among them for the first time, I loved every activity and the quality of the experience was unforgettable to say

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