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Interviewing Sadiq Motani: The DJ of ESP

APS111, also known as ESP (Engineering Strategies and Practice), is a well-known first year Core 8 course. Sadiq Motani, the course assistant for said course, is a widely known figure; a man almost become legend. The Cannon decided to sit down and have a chat with the DJ of ESP to get some of his insights into ESP, engineering, and

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It’s crime in UofT!   -University Tribunal Decisions 2014-2015

Have you ever heard of “impersonating” another student in order to graduate in his/ her name? Or completely forging a diploma? These sound like plotlines from a movie, these are real situations. You can see it in the records of Tribunal Decisions 2014-2015, University of Toronto. At the beginning of the school year, let’s go through some eye-popping academic offence

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