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Some stars

An old bike. Something not quite rusty, but wears an aged paint. Greyed by a lifetime of dusty garages and the sunlight of days like today. The tires smooth, only three or four of the gears are working. You weave off down the packed dirt road, the first few turns an act of remembering the steps to the dance. The

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Calling The Question


Trinity College was right. The University of Toronto Students Union (UTSU) recently held their Annual General Meeting (AGM), much to the chagrin of many undergraduate students. Why is this interesting? Well, these meetings have begun to have a bit of a bad reputation, and some groups seeking to make changes have begun to get frustrated by the resistance being met from

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Apathy as an Insult

UofT Rally

Is apathy a problem at the University of Toronto? Or are things like elections simply not worth caring about? “Student Apathy”: the words float down the halls and across the fields, attaching themselves as a label to the tens of thousands of students that attend our institution. It quiets every now and again, but lately, it’s back in full force.

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Who’s Allowed to Get Around Town?


So this summer has been rather silly for the city of Toronto. We’ve had a flood, Kensington was threatened with a Wal-Mart, and a large part of the populace of the city tried to give an alleged crack dealer a big pile of money. But that’s not all, for there is still one big political argument set to drag its

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The Greenest Workforce: An Effort in Futility


The Government of Canada and a collection of forestry-focused companies and associations (such as FP Innovations and the Forestry Products Association of Canada) are taking part in what is effectively a hiring drive.  Their goal is to encourage youth to consider the forestry industry as they approach graduation or consider post-secondary education options. The Greenest Workforce (TGW; see features

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