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The Booth & Bottle Project: When Engineering Prowess and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Cross Paths

Too often do we get lost in the daily grind – stuck with our heads down, window shoppers in a fast-paced, high-stress environment. As all engineers can attest to, sometimes the hardest part has nothing to do with passing an exam, and a lot to do with seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. One of the greatest

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8 Years After Khan Academy: Has Technology Really Made a Difference?

At some point in your studies, you’ve most likely used online video resources. You’ve probably heard about Khan Academy, about those Youtube videos that seemingly cover almost every topic in engineering. You likely hear the whispers from classmates too: “I don’t need to go to class anymore”, “ Lectures are so useless”, “I hate my professor”. Well, I’m here to

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Smartwatches and Google Glass: Wear are they headed?

These past two years have been a revolutionary time in technology. 2013 saw the introduction of Google Glass, a wearable computer controlled by the voice, that can take pictures, navigate through the city, and place phone calls. Upon its original release for beta testers, it faced criticism over its aesthetic qualities. USA Today commented that most of the testers were

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