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Commuting in Toronto: an Analysis

By Ahnaf Ferdous With a population of around 2.8 million people in Toronto proper, and 6 million across the GTA, there’s no question that Toronto is the most populous and one of the fastest growing cities in Canada; from 2011 to 2016, there was a 4.46% increase in population. During that same period, hardly any transit projects, service improvements or increases

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Nepotism in Skule

Every year during Frosh Week, the first years are introduced to a seemingly beautiful and welcoming community. A community where you are told, “it’s okay to be who you are.” The three pillars of student life are introduced – the Cannon, the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad, and the ever elusive BFC. The Cannon mystifies, the Bnad aggravates and amuses, and

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The National Technology and Business Conference ’15


Reporter Patrick Wu gives his reflection of the events.   In the 21st century, wave after wave of new consumer trends and needs are demonstrated in the areas of digitalized service, energy, and healthcare; technology and business are more integrated than ever before. Opportunities bloom one after another, and many speakers at the National Business and Technology Conference (NBTC) have

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Blue and Gold Robbery


Article by Eugene Du Members of the concrete toboggan team woke up to a surprise on Sunday morning when they had arrived at the pit bright and early to see that the Blue and Gold Room had been broken into. The door had been forcefully opened and various items were taken, such as Blue and Gold memorabilia, the hard hats

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Settling Into Second Semester


Winter break has come to an end and school is ready to welcome you back, but are you ready to go back? To help you get ready, here are some things to keep in mind: Supplies First things first, get everything you need together. Supplies are quite crucial. Double check to make sure that you have all the stationary you

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The Interview: Why Did You (or Did You Not) Drop out of Engineering Science?

engsci interview (2)

No, there’s no Seth Rogen here, but what we will be doing is giving you an EngSci’s perspective in the matters of transferring out (or more colloquially, “dropping out”). Below is a transcript of an interview of three different students. By the request of the interviewees, their names will be kept anonymous and only initials given. Two of the interviewees

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Skule “News”

2014-10-24 Sword in stone Western

Western Car On the day of our DisOrientation event during F!rosh week, we were surprised to find a car wrapped around our beautiful sword in the stone. Within half an hour the car was dismantled and our beloved sword was free to breathe once again. Disorientation occured without any other incidents. The car was a pranking gift to us from

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